Start out with a full body workout. One set, 12-15 repetitions starting out with your large muscle groups.

5 minute warm up, 15-20 minutes at your target heat rate range, and a 5 minute cool down. How do you find your target heart rate range? Watch the video to find out!

Start out with three days a week. The day of rest is important. As you progress, you can modify your workout.

Weight training for women helps you get toned, NOT bulky masculine muscles!

What’s the difference? Hitting your target heart rate range vs. short bursts of high intensity exercise.

And We Mean It: From the athletes to the elderly… everyone is welcome.

WE’VE GOT IT COVERED: Coffee, towels, protein shakes, fruit, sports drinks… Everything you need!

EMPLOYEE WELLNESS PROGRAMS: Focusing on the health and wellness of your employees makes them a more productive member of your team.

GOALS: Let your personal trainer help you set realistic goals with weight training and cardio to achieve your weight loss goals.

CLASSES: Your Workout Should Never Be Boring! Mixing up your routine can be the difference between progress and plateau. Varying your exercise routine is what keeps your mind motivated and keeps your muscles engaged. The Gym at 10th Street offers Spin Classes, Yoga, TRX and many more option to keep you motivated to you can…

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