The Gym at 10th Street offers several classes lead by dedicated, knowledgeable staff. Read the list of sessions below and see what works for you.




Spin – A low impact, high intensity 50-minute cardiovascular workout simulating bicycling through hills and flatlands at varying levels of resistance and speed.  Spin is controlled by the rider – the challenge is yours!

Tabata Spin – Unique spinning of 20-30 seconds of ultra high intensity work followed by a rest of 10 seconds that maximizes athletic and fitness improvements. Using the Tabata Method generally refers to completing 8 cycles (4 minutes). Class is 45minutes.

Spin Intensity – A 50 minute H.I.T. (High Intensity Training) spin class with Val.

TRX – A group suspension class designed to be a total body fitness workout utilizing body weight resistance and balance for a high intensity workout.  Classes are designed to challenge all levels of conditioning.

Sculpt and Tone – Sculpt, tone, and define! With the use of hand weights condition every art of the body.

High Intensity Boot Camp – A high intensity kick-boxing class sure to get your heart racing.  You will burn fat and tone muscle while having a great time!

Beach Bootcamp– Rise and shine with this dynamic class for all fitness levels.  Warm up as we travel from the gym to the beach or if you are preregistered meet us there.  Beach Bootcamp is filled with cardio intervals and strength training exercises.  This class will invigorate you in every way.

Sports Blast – This challenging class provides a great workout as you move through a series of stations designed to elevate your heart rate and challenge your muscles. Class may be modified for all levels of fitness.

Dumbbell Mania – This class offers a wide variety of strength and conditioning exercises with and without dumbbells.

TriFit – Is the perfect class for new/seasoned tri-athletes and cyclists getting ready for the road and looking to enhance their performance. This 60 minute class incorporates a mix of strength, cardio, and brick training using spin bikes, treadmills, free weights, and more.

Spin Fusion – Combines multiple fitness disciplines in one jam packed workout session. Get the cardiovascular benefits of a spinning class and add strength training, functional training, core, and flexibility for a dynamic workout. All fitness levels are welcome.


* Classes that take place at the beach will still meet at the gym first. We will go to the beach as a group and return to the gym once the workout is finished.