The Gym at 10th Street offers several classes lead by dedicated, knowledgeable staff. Read the list of sessions below and see what works for you.


Spin – A low impact, high intensity 50-minute cardiovascular workout simulating bicycling through hills and flatlands at varying levels of resistance and speed.  Spin is controlled by the rider – the challenge is yours!

Spin Intensity – A 50 minute H.I.T. (High Intensity Training) spin class with Val.

TRX – A group suspension class designed to be a total body fitness workout utilizing body weight resistance and balance for a high intensity workout.  Classes are designed to challenge all levels of conditioning.

High Intensity Boot Camp – A high intensity kick-boxing class sure to get your heart racing.  You will burn fat and tone muscle while having a great time!

Dumbbell Mania – This class offers a wide variety of strength and conditioning exercises with and without dumbbells.

Yoga – Yoga means the ‘union’ of the mind and body. Our yoga classes are bound to leave you spiritually content.

* Classes that take place at the beach will still meet at the gym first. We will go to the beach as a group and return to the gym once the workout is finished.