Massage by Nancy Mann, LMT, is located on 10th Street Gym’s second floor. Once inside Massage by Nancy Mann, LMT, our focus will be on you, as you relax and unwind.  Time on the massage table is your time. This time will be the one hour or more you enjoy for yourself…away from the noise, pressure and demands put on you from work, family, friends and co-workers. We’ll provide you the safe and peaceful setting offering the perfect balance of conversation, music and/or silence – whichever you prefer.  Our calm restorative atmosphere will help you disconnect from stress, while restoring your ability to focus on the positive and creative aspects of living.  Call today to schedule your private massage…for a better you. Massage by Nancy Mann, LMT offers both day and evening appointments.

Call 609-972-5499 to schedule an appointment.

Services Provided


Relaxation Massage

Soothe and calm your mind and body with the nurturing touch of relaxation massage.  Massage by Nancy Mann, LMT will move you along the healing journey that includes renewal and wellness of the mind, body and soul.  Essential oils, also known as aromatherapy, are incorporated into our sessions.  Our use of essential oils assists in the body’s own natural healing processes, while promoting a sense of calm and enhancing your overall well-being… your feeling renewed is our promise with all of our massage techniques!

30min/$25  60 min/$50  90min/$75

Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep Tissue Massage application focuses on reaching all layers of your deep muscle tissue.  Massage by Nancy Mann, LMT’s deep tissue massage technique enables the release of chronic muscle and fascia (connective tissue) tension, which also increases flexibility.  We apply many Swedish massage techniques, but with a slightly higher intensity.  We work harder for you!

30min/$35  60min/$60  90min/$85

Mother’s-to-be Massage

Unique to the mother-to-be, our therapeutic touch helps to reduce tension, alleviate backaches, leg cramps and swelling – all typically associated with pregnancy.  Massage by Nancy Mann, LMT will pamper the one who is nurturing life, from the 2nd trimester, or 12 weeks, of pregnancy right up to delivery.  As pregnancy progresses, we’ll use a side-lying position with pillows specially placed to accommodate expectant moms.  Who could be more in need of the comfort that comes with the skilled professional tension and stress release than a Mother-to-be?

30min/$25  60min/$50

On-Site Chair Massage

Massage by Nancy Mann, LMT will come directly to you!  Our chair massage is specifically suited to promote a renewed sense of well-being, energy and vitality – conveniently in the comfort of your own home or office.  Our chair massage works great in the workplace, poolside, company picnics, appreciation days, girl’s night in, and provides a creative venue for health-oriented fund-raisers.

$1 per minute.

10th Street Gym New Membership Discount

New Gym Membership includes 10% discount on first session with Massage by Nancy Mann, LMT.