Walking into a gym as a newbie can be an overwhelming experience. You need someone to show you around and walk you through a routine that’s right for you and your needs. Likewise, a regular gym-goer can find him/herself at a plateau, frustrated with poor results. These are both situations that we can help with.

The Gym at 10th Street provides you with access to one-on-one sessions with experienced and educated personal trainers. Our trainers have varied backgrounds and care about helping you achieve results and improve your life.

They start by listening and identifying your unique needs. Then, they structure and design a workout routine to address these needs. Our trainers are able to develop fun and challenging workouts for everyone. Whether you are an athlete or a novice in the gym, they can customize a plan that works for you, and at your individual level.

Because our personal trainers have such a broad range of experience and knowledge, they also know how to prevent injuries and pitfalls that you might encounter if you were to go it alone. They know what works for each body type and how to get you to your goal, using a full body workout. With that said, they also know what exercises you don’t need, so you aren’t wasting your time doing exercises that won’t benefit you.

Best of all, you’ll have someone in your corner to motivate you along your journey. Having that person can be the difference between success and failure. Everyone needs encouragement to keep going. Our trainers walk with you and push you when you need it most.

If you’re frustrated with your progress, need a kickstart, or just want some support to achieve the next level of fitness, reach out to us and we’ll connect you with a great personal trainer who will help you get on the road to success.

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