Mixing up your routine can be the difference between progress and plateau. Varying your exercise routine is what keeps your mind motivated and keeps your muscles engaged. That’s why the Gym at 10th Street is one of the few facilities that give you a true variety when it comes to class choices, offering nearly a dozen different types of workouts ranging from cardio to strength and conditioning. Here are just a few different types of classes that we designed to keep you challenged so you can reach your fitness goals.

● Tabata Spin is a great way to get an energy-packed cardio workout with high intensity interval training. This involves 20-30 seconds of ultra-high intensity work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. These types of intervals allow you to maximize your fat burning capacity.

● Dumbbell Mania offers the flexibility of performing a multitude of strength and conditioning exercises either with or without dumbbells. This allows you to go at your own pace as we get your muscles burning and toning. This also allows you to keep varying weights so you are always working toward becoming stronger than the last class.

● TriFit Whether you’re a seasoned tri-athlete or new to the sport, this class is designed to enhance your performance. We utilize all different types of equipment from treadmills to free weights to achieve maximum results. We incorporate both cardiovascular and strength training to optimize time spent working out.

● Beach Bootcamp is an excellent way to invigorate the senses with the breathtaking beauty of the ocean. Mixing up your environment between indoors and outdoors can be the spark you need to keep your regimen going. This class incorporates both strength conditioning and cardio intervals to keep the body guessing. Meanwhile, you are able to absorb the relaxing energy of the beach.

When it comes to working out, you want to make your exercise routine work for you. By keeping your body interested with new and engaging workouts, you can ensure you won’t hit that dreaded plateau. If you’re interested in trying any of the classes we’ve talked about, please reach out to us and we’ll help you get started.

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