The Gym at 10th Street offers one-on-one sessions with our experienced and educated personal trainers. Our personal Trainers will structure and design a workout routine based on your specific needs. We provide fun and challenging workouts for everyone from well conditioned athletes to beginners. So if it’s been a long time since you’ve been to the gym we can help get you started.  Our personal trainers at the Gym at 10th Street know the ins and outs of how to provide a full body workout and fitness program, which will avoid ineffective workouts or injuries.

Our Personal trainers motivate you. It’s not always easy motivating yourself to work out, but knowing that there is
someone rooting for you can inspire an energizing hour at the gym instead of a night on the couch . Our Personal Trainers also optimize your workout routine, so you don’t spend too much or too little time on any one area of your body.

Call 609-729-2286 for more information, or stop in to talk to one of the personal trainers yourself.